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RMA/KVNM Postgraduate Proceedings 2020

RMA/KVNM Postgraduate Proceedings 2020


We are excited to announce the first RMA/KVNM Postgraduate Proceedings, published digitally and in Open Access. The collection came together because of the changes foisted on us by Covid-19 as the 2nd KVNM-RMA International Postgraduate Symposium had to be cancelled. It was intended to follow a successful first edition of this symposium in Amsterdam in 2019, which had been organised to create new connections between emerging researchers. The Dutch hospitality was reciprocated by the RMA, who invited KVNM postgraduate researchers to take part in the BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference in 2020. As the next instalment of this collaboration was cancelled, the idea of a publication to celebrate the research submitted formalised. It was also an initiative to offer a platform to early-career musicologists and for forming coalitions among musicology graduates. The contributions to this volume have been peer selected by the editors.


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1 John Moore – ‘"You Know Too Damn Much": Music Theory, Epistemology and the Construction of Musical Identities'


2 Jeff Gu – 'Hearing Hyrule: Immersion through Sound in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'


3 Marthe Holman – 'Cultural Policy, NGOs, and the Social Integration of Refugees through Music'


4 Céleste Pagniello – 'Soviet Remnants in a Post-Soviet World: More Thoughts on the History and Historiography of Russian Music'


5 Rhiannon Crompton – 'The Three-Cornered Hat and Constructions of Spanish Identity'


6 Gangcan Tian – 'The Construction of Beethoven's Myth in China'


7 Arianna Rigamonti – 'Marvel and Disguise: Fantastic Musical Instruments in Italian Late Renaissance Theatre Performances’


Editors of this volume

Liselotte Podda (KVNM, Utrecht University) – coordinator

Charissa Granger (Erasmus University)

Núria Bonet (RMA, University of Plymouth)

Sio Pan Leong (RMA, University of Edinburgh)

Tamar Hestrin-Grader (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; ACPA, Universiteit Leiden; KASK & Conservatorium, HOGENT-Howest, Ghent)

Veerle Driessen (KVNM, Radboud University)