Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis

Sydney Schelvis (2019)

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Subsidie: €300



In this research MA Art Studies thesis, I assess the potentials of today’s sound-spatialising technology for an embodied engagement with techno music. Central to this research is the moving subject, the physically engaged human, rather than the listening subject. Techno music is highly persuasive in inducing rhythmic synchronisation in the dancer, which forms the basis for its mode of musicking. This mode of musicking — I propose the verb technoing, as a generic specification of Christopher Small’s musicking — induces a trance-like corporeal entrainment. Hence, the notion of immersion comes to the fore as being the telos of techno. In this thesis determine whether contemporary spatialising technologies are able to induce immersion in the technoer through expressive alignment to its sonic materiality.