Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Het Luitboek van Thysius - The Thysius Lute Book


2009; 159 + 518 pp

3 vols.


Volume I: Introduction - Jan W.J. Burgers & Louis Peter Grijp; Concordances - Louis Peter Grijp, Simon Groot & John H. Robinson;

Volume II. Facsimile Edition Folios 1-233;

Volume III: Facsimile Edition


"The Thysius Lute Book, taking its name from the Leiden bibliophile who acquired the manuscript in the 19th c., is the world’s most comprehensive lute volume. Compiled by Adriaen Smout from Rotterdam between the years 1595-1646, the book is a complete international repertoire comprised of Italian dances such as passamezzi and galliardas, fancies, intabulations of madrigals, chansons and motets, psalms and English, French and Dutch ballads and dances."


Excerpt from OMI facsimiles. Whole text view here.

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