Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Alphons Diepenbrock Catalogue of Works

The Alphons Diepenbrock Catalogue of Works is online since 2012. This catalogue is an initiative of KVNM and has been published under the auspices of Stichting Reeser Publicaties. Since 2017 this website belongs to the KVNM. 


Alphons Diepenbrock (2 September 1862 – 5 April 1921) is generally considered the most important Dutch composer from the years around 1900. This website in the Dutch and English language not only presents descriptions of all his works – completed and uncompleted – but also allows you to browse through the autographs of his compositions and to listen to fragments or complete recordings of his pieces. A digital monument in honour of the 150th anniversary of Diepenbrock’s birthday.