Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Hélène Nolthenius Prize

Established in 2017, this prize is intended for an excellent master’s thesis submitted at a university in the Low Countries. In principle, the prize is awarded every year.


The winner will receive a sum of € 250,-.


Nomination process

Nominations can be submitted by the supervisor of the thesis or by the student themselves. Nominations require the submission of the following documents:

  • The final version of the Master’s thesis as submitted to the university.
  • Proof that this project has been assessed with at least an 8/10 (or equivalent grade).

Nominations will only be considered if all documents are submitted. These document must be emailed to


Hélène Francisca Wagenaar-Nolthenius (1920-2000) was a Dutch musicologist, cultural historian and writer. She studies Musicology at Utrecht University and obtained her doctorate in 1948 with Albert Smijers on ‘The olders melodies of Italy: A study fo the music of the Dugento’. From 1958 to 1976, she held the chair of Music of Antiquity and the Middle Ages at Utrecht University. By attributing a significant place to the imagination in historical research, she anticipated modern cultural scholarship. (With thanks to Prof. Etty Mulder and Wikipedia.)