Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

RMA-KVNM Exchange Programme

In 2018, a student collaboration initiative between the RMA and the KVNM was put in place that allowed a selection of students to receive financial funding to attend the student conferences of our societies. This initiative now continues with the financial support for 3 students from the KVNM to present their work at the BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference in at the School of Music, Cardiff University, 10-12 January 2024. 


We congratulate the following three students for having been selected for the exchange programmet:

  • Davide Filippi (UU), “Such a Race is Inconceivable Today”: Constructing Ernest Bloch’s “Jewishness” in 1920s Italy
  • Marlies Linden (UU), “Intre Doua Lumi” - Lautari and (Musical) Identity in Socialist Romania
  • Iva Micanovic (UvA), Postcolonial Sound Archives and Repatriated Identities - When the Living Meet the Dead: The Case Study of “Bali 1928”


In addition to these students, two other students from the KVNM are getting the opportunity to present at the conference:

  • Juan Carlos Méndez Alvaréz (UU), “The Ghost of Repetition: A Hauntological Approach to the Music in Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma (2018)”
  • Santiago Guerra Fernández (UU), “Preserving a Nation Overseas: Galician Music and Identity in the American Diaspora"


The full programme of the conference can be found here: We are wishing the students best of luck with their presentations and are looking forward to the conference.