Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Programme KVNM Symposium 'Music and Migration to/from the Low Countries' op 9-3-2024

This symposium will explore questions about the intersections of music and migration. Throughout history musicians have often moved from place to place because of political circumstances such as wars and conflicts, the need for new employment/audiences, and an interest in establishing rapport with other musicians, traditions, and cultures, to name just a few. Their mobility has impacted compositional and performance practices, as well as the dissemination of repertoires, (theoretical) treatises, and various forms of musical knowledge. The history of the Low Countries forms no exception. Therefore, this symposium focuses on the impacts that migration to and from the Low Countries has had on musical cultures at home and abroad.




  • 13.00 Augusta Campagne:  ‘Music Printing innovations in Rome around 1600: Simone Verovio and his network of co-immigrants from the Low Countries’
  • 13.20 Ana López Suero: ‘Pierre Phalèse's printing press and musical transfers in the Hispano-Flemish world’
  • 13.40 discussion
  • 14.00 Jan de Wilde: ‘Ireland: the land of Belgian organists’. De migratie van Vlaamse organisten, beiaardiers en componisten naar Ierland (1860-1960)’
  • 14.20 Eoin Kearns: ‘On Identity and Intercultural Exchange: Surveying the Irish Traditional Musical Community of the Netherlands’
  • 14.40 discussion
  • 15.00 coffee and tea break
  • 15.20  Jun Kai Pow: ‘Decolonizing Musical Heritage: Migration, Kinship and Memory of Indo-Dutch Musicians in the Eindhoven Suburbs’ (Lecture and Film)
  • 15.50 Aimée George: ‘The Netherlands Anti-Apartheid Movement, South-African jazz, and the politics of improvised music’
  • 16.10 discussion
  • 16.20 Margriet van der Waal and Esther Marie Pauw ‘Six Genevan psalms and their sonic multi-vocalities in a contemporary South African music curation’
    • short introduction
    • film presentation
    • podium talk with Margriet van der Waal and Esther Marie Pauw
  • 17.00 closing

Abstracts can be found here.

KVNM Spring Symposium 'Music and Migration to/from the Low Countries', 9 March 2024 – Utrechts Conservatorium, 13.00 – 17.00 uur.


Attending the symposium is free of charge.


You can register via this link.