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Pre-ordering reconstruction Missa Scaramella by Obrecht

Jacob Obrecht’s Missa Scaramella (ca. 1458–1505) may be considered a lost masterpiece by one of the greatest of the astonishing generation of composers active ca. 1500.  It is transmitted uniquely in a set of four partbooks now housed in Kraków’s Biblioteka Jagiellonska (formerly in Berlin, Former Preußische Staatsbibliothek, Ms. Mus. 40634), of which two, containing the discantus and tenor, are now lost.


Against the material contained in the surviving altus and tenor partbooks, composer and musicologist Fabrice Fitch had reconstructed the work in its entirety.


In 2024, KVNM will publish this reconstruced mass by Obrecht. Advanced registration for this publication is now open (expected price 69 euros, 90 pages). For more information and pre-ordering visit our special Obrecht page.