Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Farewell Hans Bloothoofd as responsible for the KVNM depot

Perhaps not a familiar name to all members, but for decades Hans Bloothoofd has carried out crucial work for the KVNM. In Alkmaar, he ran the KVNM depot and was responsible for the worldwide dispatch of all KVNM publications, including TVNM.

This came to an end on 1 November 2023. The KVNM was forced to sell its own depot in Alkmaar because for years the high costs of rent and other additional costs (including energy costs) had not been sufficiently compensated by the proceeds from the sale of the KVNM expenses housed there. The shipment of TVNM also no longer takes place from the depot but is arranged by Amsterdam University Press, with which the KVNM has been working since 2023. In a much slimmed-down form, the depot is now housed at the company Meulenberg Media in Middelburg. Many editions of the KVNM are still available and can be ordered via the webshop, but shipping now takes place from Middelburg. In addition to a monthly fee for the storage of KVNM expenses, the KVNM pays a fee for each shipment.

Hans Bloothoofd was a quiet worker in the background with great knowledge and in the depot everything was arranged down to the last detail. Many board members have visited the depot in recent decades, especially during the annual 'inventory day' and have been able to see with their own eyes that the expenses were in good hands with Hans. The editions were neatly arranged by series and Hans knew the way blindly. Hans took care of an excellent packaging of the expenses because nothing is as bad as receiving an expense damaged in transport. "Our man in Alkmaar" was always ready when new editions were delivered or when special shipments had to be prepared or picked up. The cooperation with Book Sales (Anja and Ernst Peter) was excellent, as was the contacts with the KVNM board assistant (TVNM, returns), suppliers and board members. Hans was also responsible for all kinds of matters concerning the rented space and made a huge effort in the final phase to ensure that the relocation of the greatly slimmed-down collection ran smoothly. Preparing for that move and delivering the depot space clean was a huge job! At the end of October, the pallets were ready in the depot with the expenses that had to be transferred to Middelburg. Hans brought those pallets to Middelburg himself and sent a photo of the empty depot space in Alkmaar. An era has come to an end. It is nice to be able to look back on many years of fruitful and pleasant collaboration with Hans Bloothoofd.