Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands

Willem Pijper: In the light of eternity

Willem Pijper (1894-1947) was a linchpin in the musical life of his time. He was not the kind of person to show his personal side to the outside world and took up a rational and analytical attitude in his essays and musical criticism. His numerous letters were all the more personal, especially those to this girlfriends. This is why the publication Willem Pijper: in het licht van de eeuwigheid. Een leven in brieven 1917-1947 (De Arbeiderspers: privé-domein, 2019), published in November, is such an important contribution. The book, containing around three hundred letters, has been compiled by musicologist and Pijper expert Arthur van Dijk, who was also responsible for the KVNM edition Het Papieren Gevaar, Verzamelde geschriften van Willem Pijper (2011). For the rest of this review, see the Dutch version.