Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis

Musicological Expo 2022 - 5 February, Digital Event, 13:00 - 16:30

Musicological Expo 2022
Digital event on 5 February, 13:00 - 16:30
Language: English
We are delighted to announce a new edition of the Musicological Expo that will take place on Saturday, 5 February 2022. Due to current Corona measures in the Netherlands, the Expo will be held online.

The program this year is versatile, covering a wide range of musicological topics. Four early career musicologists will present papers on music and politics in the UK between 1975 and 1987, exotism and orientalism in 18th-century French opera, blues and intersectionality, and layered texture of music and its relation to the depictions of violins in George Braque’s artist works.
Sign up for this event by registering via https://forms.gle/UShCc8aQ13e3jDM97 before Friday, 4 February. You will receive a link and information on how to participate prior to the event.
A detailed program will be published on the website of the KVNM later in January.